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My Opinion 08: Tantangan bagi Peneliti

Seandainya, keluhan tentang rendahnya anggaran penelitian dijawab pemerintah melalui alokasi anggaran yang besar pada tahun-tahun mendatang. Sudahkah para peneliti dan kelembagaan dimana peneliti bernaung menyiapkan agenda strategis untuk kegiatan penelitiannya?.

Dengan alokasi anggaran yang besar, maka sudah sepatutnya ekspektasi pemerintah dan publik juga meningkat terhadap hasil penelitian. Dana penelitian adalah investasi pemerintah yang harus ‘dibayar’ oleh peneliti dalam bentuk hasil penelitian yang bermanfaat, baik untuk pengembangan ilmu pengetahuan dan teknologi, maupun dalam bentuk kontribusi nyata terhadap pembangunan nasional. Menjadi solusi bagi permasalah yang dihadapi pada berbagai sektor pembangunan ….

Catatan: tulisan ini dipublikasikan pada tahun 2008, menjelang diimplementasikannya alokasi anggaran sektor pendidikan sebesar minimal 20 persen dari APBN.

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Indonesia 05: Floating Market at Lok Baintan

It is purely amazing to be at this floating market. This traditional trading activity has become very rare in many part of the world since transportation mode shifted from water/river to land/road transportation. So, you should visit this unique market while it still exists.

This floating market is only half hour from Banjarmasin by ‘klotok’ (engine-powered small locally-made boat). It is recommended to leave Banjarmasin early in the morning, at around 5.oo am, since peak trading activity is short-lasted of only about 1-2 hours.

Indonesia 04: Morning in Jatiluhur Dam, Indonesia

Sometime, no need to travel far from Jakarta to find a nice spot for photography. This Jatiluhur Dam is only about 70 km from Jakarta. The dam is a multi-purpose dam on the Citarum River in West Java, Indonesia. It serves several purposes including the provision of hydroelectric power generation, water supply, flood control, irrigation for agriculture, and fishery. Jatiluhur dam was constructed from 1957 to 1965 and its power plant with capacity of 186.5 MW started to operate in 1967.

My Opinion 07: Demand-driven Approach for Establishing National Innovation System

We should focus on developing technology based on our national resources and scientific capacities to produce goods and services for our domestic market.

A “Supply-push” approach in the past (and at present) has not been able to deliver the desired results. Developing technology first and then “diffusing” it among industries (target users) does not seem to be the right path for us to pursue. Calls to re-orient this approach have been heard loud and clear. The national Innovation System should be directed to a “demand-driven” approach.

We have too long been dependent on research institutions to drive our National Innovation System with the supply-push approach. Now, it is time to put more weight on the demand side. Obviously, this requires intensive and pro-active efforts from researchers to comprehend needs and/or problems of national industries and demands in the domestic market.

It may come as a surprise that based on a massive survey on 40,000 European business enterprises, a report by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD, 1997) indicated that the key information sources for innovation were customers and intra-firm sources. Meanwhile, the least important source of information was public research institutes including government laboratories and universities.

Are you surprised?

Please click here for the full paper version.

Indonesia 03: Maitara and Tidore in 3 versions

These are Maitara and Tidore Islands, captured from a hill at Ternate Island.
If you have Rp 1,000 bill at hand, then look at back side of the bill.
The two islands on the bill are these two islands that I captured here.
I am presenting three version of the picture: black & white, infrared, and full color version.
The pictures were taken with two cameras. Tripod was used.

Which one you like? or which one you don’t like?

Indonesia 02: Near Timor Leste Border

This is the driest part of Indonesia, near border with our neighbor country: Timor Leste.
Another face of Indonesia that some of you might not be familiar with.
This small creek (picture bellow, next to border marker) is the physical border between Indonesia-Timor Leste …

My Opinion 06: Teknologi Pro-Rakyat

Teknologi umumnya berkonotasi dengan sesuatu yang modern, mahal, dan perlu-kecerdasan; ia terpisah jauh dari kemiskinan, kebodohan, dan segala sesuatu yang bersifat tradisional. Pandangan yang demikian dapat menumbuhkan kesan bahwa akan sulit untuk mengembangkan teknologi untuk rakyat miskin (pro-poor technology).

Teknologi yang pro-rakyat pada prinsipnya merupakan teknologi yang dapat menjadi solusi untuk menyelesaikan permasalahan yang dihadapi masyarakat miskin. Akan sempurna jika teknologi tersebut juga dapat diterapkan langsung oleh masyarakat miskin.

Oleh sebab itu, teknologi yang pro-rakyat tidak spontan berawal dari kegiatan riset oleh institusi pengembang teknologi, tetapi ia harus diawali dari kecermatan dalam mengidentifikasi permasalahan nyata yang dihadapi masyarakat miskin, baik di perkotaan maupun di perdesaan …..

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