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Course Material 01: S2 DD UNSRI-Mie University – IFM515- Integrated Food Production System

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Population growth and prosperity improvement in many part of the world have direct impact on food demand, not only quantitatively, but also followed by higher demand for better quality and safer foods. On the other hand, availability and quality of land and water resources required for increasing food production have continuously been declining and climate has become harder to predict.

To answer this double challenge of continuously increasing demand for food and declining availability of resources required for food production will require relevant technologies for increasing crop productivity, more efficient distribution system, and processing or post harvest handling of crop yields

Content Integrated Food Production 2

In addition to technology, other resources (natural resources, human resources, and capital) related to food production should also be integrated and synchronized. Furthermore, policy, regulation, and institution should also be tailored for creating conducive ecosystem for increasing food production.

Content Integrated Food Production 1

For students of the UNSRI-Mie University (Japan) Double Degree Program, please download copies of slide presentation and reading material for the first lecture of IFM 515 Food Situation Analysis Course to be delivered on 5 April 2012.

These are copies of Slide Presentation and Reading Material for your references.

Students are encouraged to read the course materials prior to scheduled lecture.


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