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My Opinion 07: Demand-driven Approach for Establishing National Innovation System

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We should focus on developing technology based on our national resources and scientific capacities to produce goods and services for our domestic market.

A “Supply-push” approach in the past (and at present) has not been able to deliver the desired results. Developing technology first and then “diffusing” it among industries (target users) does not seem to be the right path for us to pursue. Calls to re-orient this approach have been heard loud and clear. The national Innovation System should be directed to a “demand-driven” approach.

We have too long been dependent on research institutions to drive our National Innovation System with the supply-push approach. Now, it is time to put more weight on the demand side. Obviously, this requires intensive and pro-active efforts from researchers to comprehend needs and/or problems of national industries and demands in the domestic market.

It may come as a surprise that based on a massive survey on 40,000 European business enterprises, a report by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD, 1997) indicated that the key information sources for innovation were customers and intra-firm sources. Meanwhile, the least important source of information was public research institutes including government laboratories and universities.

Are you surprised?

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3 Komentar

  1. Kiki Yuliati berkata:

    Demand-driven technology kalau dr rata-rata UMKM kita sih tidak terlalu ‘appealing’ untuk publikasi indeks scopus hehehehe….Pilih mana hayo? jadi GB publikasi bergengsi tapi tak membumi, atau sibuk aja kerja membangun sektor riil tapi tak bisa dipublikasi? πŸ™‚

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