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Indonesia 06: Anambas Archipelago

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Anambas Regency was recently established based on Law 33/2008, used to be part of Natuna Regency. Its capital city is Tarempa. It is an archipelagic regency, consists of three major islands (Siantan, Matak, and Jemaja), surrounded by many smaller islands. Economic potentials of this regency include fishery, tourism, oil and natural gas.

Three major oil and gas companies are currently operating in this archipelago. More than 7.5 thousand tons fishes produced annually (captured and cultured) from this area, and mostly exported to Singapore, Hongkong, and Malaysia. Most valuable fish cultured in Anambas is Napoleon. Inspite of its maritime tourism potentials, this sector has not contibuted significantly to local economy. Mainly due to low accessibility, transportation infrastructures, and supporting facilities.

Welcome to Anambas

Tarempa – the capital city

Fish culture at Air Sena Village

Napoleon Fish – only few people can afford this meal

Sunrise at Tanjung Tebu – a new day, a new hope

Accomodation facility at Antang Village – tranquility anyone?

Crystal Clear Water and Fine Peach Sand – Perfect combination that can (only) be found at Penjalin Beach

Penjalin Beach – I don’t mind to burn my skin here!

Tokong Berlayar – doesn’t it look like a speed boat?

Temburun Fall – run all the way from top of the hill directly to the sea!

Upper segment of the Temburun Fall


3 Komentar

  1. nur berkata:

    Temburun fall is really really beautiful, mashaAllah……..wanna go there someday 😀 * thanks alot for ur sharing pak 😀 *

  2. blakitan berkata:

    Highly recommended spot to visit in Anambas ….

  3. Kiki Yuliati berkata:

    Speechless Pak….terutama tranquilizer effect-nya….:-)

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