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Course Material 04: S2 DD UNSRI-Mie University – IFM 515 – Climate Change

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Climate change has been hot issue and there is a growing concern associated with its potential negative impact on agriculture and food production. A lot of researches have been conducted and scientific articles have been published. However, there are still many disputes or pros-and-cons on impacts of climate changes on agriculture and environment.

For instance, Vermeulen et al.(2011) strongly believed that agricultural production is highly vulnerable to global warming, even if only 2 degree Celcius increase in global mean temperatures in 2100, with major implications for rural poverty and for both rural and urban food security

Impact of CC on Agric

For students of the UNSRI-Mie University (Japan) Double Degree Program, please download copies of slide presentation and reading material for the 12th lecture of IFM 515 Food Situation Analysis Course.

These are copies of Presentation Slide 12 and Reading Material 12 for your references.

Students are encouraged to read the course materials prior to scheduled lecture.


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