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Indonesia 17: The Baliem Valley of Papua

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The Baliem Valley is located at Papua central highlands and the largest town in this valley is Wamena which is also the capital of the regency. The valley is about 80 km in length by 20 km in width and lies at an altitude of about 1,600-1,700 meter above sea level. Land access to Wamena in very limited, but accessible by air transportation.

Dani is the major ethnic in this valley. Their main staple food is sweet potato. In rural area, at outskirt of Wamena, they mostly live in traditional houses with cone-shape roof. It is interesting to see people in this area, showing a unique mixture of those wear very traditional attire made of natural materials and those wear conventional clothings. Popular sport in this region is soccer and Wamena has a strong soccer team, competing at national soccer league.


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