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Planet Earth 08: Istanbul Turkey

Istanbul is not the capital city, but it is the largest city in Turkey, with population of more than 13.4 millions. It is among the world’s largest cities by population within city limits. Istanbul occupies vast area of 5,343 square kilometers. Istanbul is a transcontinental city, with one third of its population living in Asia but its commercial and historical center in Europe, splitted by the Bosphorus strait, connecting Marmara Sea and the Black Sea.

Istanbul is one of ten most visited tourist destination. In 2011, not less than 7 millions foreign visitors arrived in this historic city. There two famous historical buildings in Istanbul, i.e. the Aya Sophia and the Blue Mosque (will be posted later).


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  1. Nandar Doank berkata:

    Pak Ben,
    Saya suka semua gambarnya.
    so Nature. Boleh ijin download gak pak ?

  2. Nandar Doank berkata:

    tks Pak,
    Buat teman khayalan aja siapa tau suatu saat bisa jalan2 kesana πŸ™‚

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    Like This yoo πŸ™‚
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