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Indonesia 30: Kasongan’s Pottery

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Village of Kasongan is well known for its potteries and ceramic products, created by creative and skillful local craftsmans. This village is located in Bantul Regency, less than 30 minute drive from Yogyakarta. Wide variety of pottery/ceramics are displayed along main street of this village, from a tiny frog to a 2-meter-high statue, from a simple pot to very detailed artwotks, from a souvenir priced at around ten cents to artworks priced at thousands US dollars. In other words, almost certain that you will find things you like and at price you are willing to spend. Loro Blonyo couple is the most popular product of Kasongan Village. Loro Blonyo consist of a couple of man and woman statues, wearing javanese’s traditional wedding dresses, sitting side by side.


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