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Slide 26: Research Policy and Wetland Management toward Green Economy

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Destruction and over exploitation of natural resources cannot be tolerated by any mean. Green economy should be adopted as main framework for development of all sectors. Challenges in consistently administering green economy will be much more arduous and strenuous as global population grows and natural resources become limited. Unfortunately, there is no other option. In order to administer green economy, unavoidably green technologies are required.

Policy on research and technology development should be adjusted accordingly, including research and development for managing wetlands. Land use in many agricultural regions of the world, also in Indonesia is biased to maximize direct economic benefits, without considering the total human benefits provided by ecosystems, including scientific, social and ecological benefits. For instance, as genetic source for future breeding programs, source of pharmaceutical substances, for physical protection from potentially damaging natural or anthropogenic forces, moderating extreme climate, beautiful landscape, place for outdoor and recreational activities.

Science and technology are needed for assessing these potential economic, social, and ecological benefits. Furthermore, technology is also required for creating zonation of wetlands; based on which an optimized management plan can be developed. Not all areas of wetlands are suitable for agriculture. Some areas will be more beneficial if they are used for non-economic purposes. Therefore, technology development for managing wetlands should be prioritized accordingly.

Complete set of the slides can be seen and downloaded here

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  1. naradina2013 berkata:

    Om… Masih boleh ngga menggunakan teknologi akal akalan zaman orba…, menanam lahan gambut sejuta hektar…. Tapi dg memindahkan padi ypdan tanaman yang udh jadi….ga boleh ya om…

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