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Paper 30 : Sustainable Management Of Suboptimal Wetlands For Strengthening Bioindustry In Indonesia

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Managing suboptimal wetlands for productive, inclusive, yet sustainable agriculture is very challenging. At present, local community manages this wetland for cultivating rice and few other adaptable crops, catching fishes and other aquatic biotas from public waters, and raising livestock (duck and buffalo). Rice-centered agriculture, as commonly practiced by local farmers, seems to be not very promising. Recently, Government of Indonesia encourages establishment of bioindustry-oriented agribusiness. Transforming current traditional agriculture into bioindustry-oriented agribusiness should be executed by gradually inserting newly introduced practices while continuing traditional ones so that local community will not be left behind. The transformation requires capacity in absorbing and implementing some relevant technologies such as fermentation and biorefinery. Targeted products of bioindustry might be started with simpler and familiar products such as processed animal feed and organic fertilizers, fermented foods and drinks, biofuels at time it is economically feasible, and finally move forward to more sophisticated biorefinery industries.

Full paper can be seen and downloaded here –> 20140916 Sustainable Management of SubOptimal Wetlands for Strengthening BioIndustry in Indonesia – Edited


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