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Landscape Ecology 02: Urgency and History

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The emergence of landscape ecology was driven by many factors, including: (1) Growing awareness of broad-scale environmental issues requiring a landscape perspective; (2) Increasing recognition of the importance of scale in studying and managing pattern-process relationships; (3) Emergence of the dynamic view of ecosystems /landscapes, and (4) Technological advances in remote sensing, computer hardware and software.

Historically, Landscape ecology has been developed since more than 2 centuries ago in European countries. It can be traced to works of Von Humboldt in 1807; eventhough the term of “Landscape ecology” was first coined by Troll in 1939. European’s Landscape Ecology emphasizes on typology, classification, nomenclature and deals mostly with human dominated systems.

On the other hand, Landscape Ecology is relatively a new field of science in North American. It was effectively launched at the Allerton Park, Illinois in 1983. North American’s Landscape Ecology deals more with statistics, models, technology, and theory.

More detail information can be read and downloaded here: Landscape Ecology 02


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