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Landscape Ecology 06: Landscape Ecology and Aesthetics

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There is a closed but complicated relationship between aesthetics and ecological functions. Aesthetics and ecology may have either complementary or contradictory implications for a landscape. Intervention for aligning landscape aesthetics and ecological functions can be done through design and/or through knowledge. Ethical consideration should also be included. Works on this specific issue, need to go beyond only describing “what is”. It should also prescribe “what should be” done.

Interventions through landscape planning, design, and management; or through enhanced knowledge might establish desirable relationships between aesthetics and ecology. But the key outcome is to align ecological goals with aesthetic experiences to achieve culturally and ecologically sustainable landscapes. Landscape planning, design, and management that address the aesthetics of future landscape patterns can be powerful ways to protect and enhance ecological goals.

Slides on this issue, can be read and downloaded here: Landscape Ecology 06


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